105degrees Cafe, Work, and Dinner

17 09 2009

We have a few points of interest tonight…so let’s get started.

1. Dave Cathey, Food Editor of the Oklahoman, wrote an article about 105degrees Cafe which opened recently.  The cafe is a raw foods restaurant that take cuisine to new levels with innovative techniques.  It is the only restaurant in Oklahoma specializing in raw foods other than sushi restaurants.  Read his article here. You should also read his Blog here to find more information. You won’t be dissappointed and might find yourself wanting to try vegan blood orange cheesecake.  It is made from young coconut meat (soft and pliable).  Raw foods are important because cooking items above a certain temperature destroys enzymes that enable healthy digestion.  That is not to say I will be switching over any time soon, but I will definitely incorporate it into areas of my cooking and diet.

2. Tonight at North Park Grill in Embassy Suites, Chef Luke Fry fixed up a few specials tonight. Here are my two personal favorites:
Grilled Caesar Salad-  A section of a head of Romaine lettuce brushed with olive oil and place right on a hot grill.  The lettuce will only have a slight wilt at the point of contact but the rest will stay cool and crisp making for a salad full of different textures.  The grilling adds a nice depth of flavor.  The salad was topped with a drizzle of Caesar dressing, and a Balsamic Reduction Syrup.  Finished with Parmesan Cheese, Pesto Croutons, and Grape Tomatoes.

Spicy Italian Beef Tenderloin-  An 8 oz Beef Tenderloin Filet pan seared to temperature.  The steak is topped with spicy Arribiatta Sauce.  Yes that might be mispelled.  And yes I am Italian.  The sauce is similar to a Tomato Marinara Sauce except there is read wine cooked into it.  The sauce is very spicy as well, but it was not enough to overpower the meat.  It was finished with a touch of Mozzerella and served over pasta tossed in a little butter and some sauteed grape tomatoes.  Generally I would never want my steak this way but I was quite suprise with how good it was.  The spicy sauce gave the Tenderloin the extra flavor it needed since the steak is so lean and has little natural flavor.  But the sauce did not overpower.  The steak was still the star.

3. Dinner Tonight- French Toast (Update: My fiancee thought of the idea to have French Toast tonight.  She also thought of the Bananas after she said “Aww I wish we had some bananas.  Oh Wait!  We do have some bananas!”)  I made a batter of eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, half and half, and a little sugar.  I soaked some wheat bread (a little chewier texture for French Toast but lots of flavor and much healthier) in the custard mixture and sauteed it over unsalted butter.  Topped with sliced bananas and voila…French Toast.  Look for variations to come… Pineapple and Rum French Toast,  Pumpkin and White Chocolate French Toast, Banana and Peanut Butter French Toast… The list could go on and on.

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One response

17 09 2009

Oh, and who’s idea was the bananas??? : )

And who’s idea was french toast in the first place mister?? : )

It’s ok, at least they can still say Chef Puma and be referring to the correct french toast genius.

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